Counting the Cost and laying it all down at the Cross.

If believers in Christ were to realize that in coming to the Cross and believing and following Christ, we lay down not just our sins but our whole life and every single aspect to it, when confronted with the choice to lay down and give up something in our lives or to go and follow Christ wherever He may choose, whether it be to our prosperity or to our death. It makes it a lot easier to submit to the Lord’s will, seeing that you have already settled it in your heart to do what ever is required of you, when you first came to the Cross.

If ones life has only partially been laid down and is not completely submitted and wholly given to Christ at His coming to the Cross, the believer will more than likely take offence to the Word at some point, saying “It is to much for me to let go of” or deceive himself by saying “The Lord doth not require that of me”. What ever you hold back from God at your coming to the Cross, you Will eventually be tried for, to see if you will let go of that which you withheld, and if you do not part ways with that, with which you withheld, then you choose to part ways with Christ. For you make yourself unfit and unworthy of the Kingdom of God.

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